Packaging Design, Branding

CVS Pharmacy is one of the largest retail stores in the United States, providing customers with their diverse private label brands that extend across different categories and product offerings. One of their most successful brands is CVS Health. CVS Health’s extensive suite of assets positions them to play an important role in solving the cost, quality and access issues in the evolving health care landscape.

Packaging Design 3
FALL 2016
Professor : Gerardo Herrera
Photographer : Jason Ware
Special Thanks : Coloredge 

Problem :  The current CVS First Aid packaging has a three step system to help their customers treat their wounds. However, their packaging blends with competitors and is difficult to navigate on shelf.  

Solution : Elevate the first aid packaging experience through systematic product storytelling while leveraging the CVS red heart as an ownable asset for the brand. The new design provides a modern look and feel while fitting comfortably in customer’s hand. In order to minimize space and have maximum product from the tube, the packaging is designed with a roll over squeezer attribute. The boxes were inspired science lab tools, such as flasks and test tubes, pushing the overall brand promise for innovative health.