Packaging Design, Branding

Raid is an insecticide product line by Johnson & Johnson. Since this products launch, Raid has grown to be a global pest control product line that provides consumers with effective solutions to protect their families and homes from insects. The project objective aims to revolutionize brand presence and become the primary offering for the pest control industry.

Packaging Design 2
Professor : Ania Borysiewicz

Photographer : Jason Ware






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Problem : Overall brand image feels dated and generic, limiting room for growth and opportunity for a younger demographic.

Solution : The Raid redesign is inspired by modern weaponry for self-defense against insects to target a younger audience. The aerosol spray is designed in two parts; the spray and refill canister. The aerosol spray can be reused across different product offerings, adding an waste free benefit to the product portfolio. Modernizing the current EBU (Extractable Branding Unit), the Raid shield transitioned into an icon that is inspired by a military ranking symbol. The new brand icon communicates the strength and effectiveness of Raid’s rage of products.


Design : I find pests are like terrorists. They are infiltrating and undermining the peace of your home. The Raid redesign takes inspiration from modern weaponry for ultimate self-defense against these terrorists simply, timelessly, and strategically to empower you to take back what’s rightfully yours. The “bug pistol” or aerosol spray are design to work as a reusable product with interchangeable “bullets” refill that deals with different types of bugs. 








Logo : Raid Logo mark took inspiration from military ranking symbol.  The new Raid logo keep the familiar shape of the shield from the old logo but modernized. The new logo are representing a military emblem, a proud symbol of fighter. The logo is indicating the fast action and compliment the effectiveness of raid’s products.